To enable Fastpress on your site, all traffic for root and www domains should be forwarded to high-performance Fastpress's Load Balancer. The Load Balancer will forward traffic to Fastpress CMS or your existing servers depends on request URL. For example, if your site is available under and Fasptress mounted on, all incoming requests except URLs matching will be forwarded to your existing site. 


  1. SSL certificate issued and validated.
  2. Fastpress mounting path selected and confirmed (,, etc.)
  3. Existing DNS records backup created. Read how to for Cloudflare


The following instructions based on Cloudflare's name servers. To enable Fasptress, you need to update root (@) and www DNS records like described below.

For the root domain (@ or

  1. If CNAME already used for the root domain, change its value to
  2. If A record used for the root domain, remove it and add new record with type CNAME, name and value

For www subdomain:

  1. If your site already has www CNAME, change its value to
  2. If your site does not have www CNAME, add new record with type CNAME, name www and value

You should have similar setup like on screenshot below: